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Expat's Guide has been born as a website of free resources on relocating to Warsaw, Poland.

It has been thought to be the first truly local professional service for all expatriates living and working in Warsaw. Our mission is to provide all relevant information required during relocation and living in Poland and create a platform for socializing and finding professional service providers.

The popularity of the portal has grown immensely. Our website has since been considered a reliable and trustful source of information. More and more often, we received many inquiries from expats requesting personal assistance. We realised the demand on professional relocation services and to support all our visitors, we have set up our Relocation Service Agency.

Expat's Guide Relocation Service is operating in Warsaw since 2010 assisting international customers in moving to Warsaw, Poland. In 2012 we have opened our new branch office in Frankfurt, Germany.

Our professionl team of consultants has been highly trained to lead expats smoothly through the rough process of relocation from finding a house, a school for children, to settling in in Warsaw community and support expats throughout their stay in Warsaw.

More about our relocation services you will find under ExpatsGuide.eu

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