Upon your arrival in Poland there is a couple of immigration procedures that is waiting for you. It can be difficult to push some things through, especially if you don’t speak Polish. We explain below what, where and how you need to arrange all the paperwork.

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Registration and PESEL number

Every new expat in Poland, who is intending to stay longer than 3 months is required to register him/herself as well as all the familiy members at a local district public office (Urzad Gminy). All diplomats are exempt from this rule. Citizens of the EU countries and members of European Free Trade Agreement as well as Swiss nationals are requested to register their usual place of residence (stale miejsce zamieszkania) within 30 days from the arrival date. All the other citizens are required to register within 4 days after arrival date, if they are staying in Poland longer than 14 days.

You need to register personally and require a passport or any other identity document stating your nationality.

All expats intending to stay in Poland longer than 3 months, are requested to obtain a PESEL number (Public Electronic System of Population Records) regardless if the residency in Poland is temporary or permanent. In that case you require also a document allowing you to stay on the Polish territory (i.e. work permit – pozwolenie na prace, residency card – karta pobytu). If you cannot present it to a public officer at this time, it is allowed you confirm by your signature you are in a possession of such a document.

PESEL is a unique 11-digit number. It contains coded date of birth, sex and a specific number of the registered person. It doesn’t change during the whole life regardless of the place of residency. You will need the PESEL number for several bureaucratic issues i.e. set up your bank account, get a mortgage etc.

Number of Tax Identification (NIP)

Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej (NIP) is a coded ten-digit number issued to all tax payers in Poland and is required for all social security and tax payments.

NIP number needs to be requested via you local public tax office by using appropriate form:

  • NIP-1 is an application form for all physical tax payers who run a company which is not a separate legal entity.
  • NIP-2 is a used by both legal entities and other organisations.
  • NIP-3 is an application form for all physical persons without legal entity.

The application may be sent via registered mail to your local tax office, handed out personally or requested through an employer.

The problem occurs when you are neither employee nor employer but need NIP as a freelancer or simply you would like to invest on a stock exchange and need to set up a investment account. In that case your local tax office is obliged to accept your NIP-3 application without filling in the E section of the NIP-3 form.

Unfortunately it happens that public officers do not accept such an application, as these cases are not very common. It is advised then to send the application via registered mail and the NIP number should arrive at your post box within 10 working days.


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Its really very informative post,The problem occurs when you are neither employee nor employer but need NIP as a freelancer or simply you would like to invest on a stock exchange and need to set up a investment account.Its best and dreadful for all.