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Expat's Community in Warsaw is expanding every day. Existing community organises itself  in various groups, which we kindly encourage to list in this section. It will help all the newcomers in Warsaw to find new friends and socialize with experienced expats.


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Expat's Voices.

Read stories of members of Expat's Guide community. How did they experience the move to Warsaw, how do they like it here, what do they do? Only for registered members.

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Women's Group

Bringing international women together.

www.iwgwarsaw.eu; iwgwarsaw@yahoo.com

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The Dutch Association in Poland is an active club in which Dutch natives and Dutch speaking people living in Poland have united since 1997. The ‘Nederlandse Vereniging’ is a very active club. Each year members of the club organize a broad variety of activities for children, adults and families. Activities mainly have a Dutch character. Examples are a special ball on occasion of the Queen’s birthday (‘Oranje bal’), a family winter weekend, a quiz night, an Indonesian buffet, a singing festival with typical Dutch songs and of course the famous Sinterklaas celebration.



Feel free to post a comment below or contact us with the information about your expat's community group.


I'm moving to Warsaw soon and wondered if there are any British style brass bands there. If not, is anyone interested in starting one?