Warsaw real estate market for expats is very heterogeneous. One can find beautiful luxuries villas in the green belt area, through high quality penthouses in the middle of the city and antic apartments with high ceiling in Mokotow, Zoliborz or Saska Kepa to simpler flats in the communistic block of flats. Before you move to Warsaw, we advise on the real estates in Warsaw.

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Villa in Konstancin (fot. A. Jankowski)

The standard of the expats housing in Warsaw varies as in every major city. There is a couple of expat's districts in Warsaw with apartments and houses of a much higher standard than avarage. Typical houses in Konstancin and Wilanow are fully equipped to expats standard with big master bedrooms often with en-suite bathrooms, garages, gardens, reception rooms, dining and living rooms as well as guest bedrooms.

Wilanow, Mokotow and Konstancin are also a great choice for families with children attending international schools, which are located in these districts.

On the other side of the river there is a plenty of spacious single houses with spacious gardens i.e. Radosc, Anin, Wesola, Marysin Wawerski, where you can find a lovely house in the middle of the woods. The price to pay for such semi-rural living is a pretty long drive to the city center around 30-40min. However, many Warsaw expats choose this alternative to get away from the city buzz.

You can also choose to live in a terraced house, if you don't mind a bit less space. Here you might be able to find a nice house with a smaller garden very close to the center i.e. in Mokotow, Zoliborz or Saska Kepa. Most of the French expats move in here, as a French high school as well as French kindergarden is located in Saska Kepa.

Typical apartments of a higher standard will be found mostly in the newly built district i.e. Szczesliwice,  Powisle, Mokotow or Wilanow. You can also find lots of newly built houses just in the middle of the older, now rejuvenating typical communistic districts. There is also a wide choice of metropolis apartments in the sky-scrapes near the financial center. You can enjoy spacious apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the whole Warsaw. Such rentals can be found either in the center (Srodmiescie) or neighbouring Wola.

Athough many expats arriving to Warsaw would love to live in a historical house near the Old Town, in most cases these apartments do not meet the needs of expats, especially due to unreconstructed staircases and inner patios which give a feeling of a neglected area. However talk to your realtor as more and more of the houses are being reconstructed and hence create a wonderful fit for expats who are single or couples with no children.

There is also a fairly big number of serviced apartments in totally reconstructed houses in Srodmiescie ie. at Chmielna street, Old Town etc, where expats on short-term single assignments might find their dream property.

Many of the residence districts built after 1989 are protected areas behind fence and in many cases with a security systems. It doesn’t necessarily mean that outer district is unsafe, it’s just developers idea to increase the standard of the apartments. Often these protected houses have a doorman, who can pick up your post and make sure your visitors are only those, who were invited.

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