Utilities - TV - Phone

Once you have chosen your new home, you would need to organise your utilities and connect to the world by setting up internet connection and making sure you can watch your favourite TV. Our utilities expat's guide helps you to find your connection.

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Usually once you have rented the apartment the electricity bill will be included in your rent. Hence, there is no need for you to register separately with your electricity provider. Ask your expat's local counsellor for the advice.

However, make sure you clarify with your landlord how you will be charged. Usually, there is a counter in your basement, so you could easily check your electricity consumption.

You may however, try to change your tariff i.e. if you are only home evenings, it is advisable you switch your electricity tariff to more expensive during the day and cheaper during the evening.


Television & Radio

Polish TV offers a wide range of public radio & TV stations as well as cable & satellite TV.

Public TV broadcasts the following stations:

  • TVP1 – nationwide
  • TVP2 – nationwide
  • TVP3 – regional TV station for 16 different regions
  • TV Polonia – satellite station broadcasted abroad (Europe, Asia, North America, Australia) targeted to Polish nationals living abroad
  • TVP Kultura – satellite station providing information about cultural events and archived materials

As in many other European countries Polish public radio and television is not free of charge and the payments should be made according to the individually chosen payment plan (monthly, quarterly or annually). Until now less than 50% of the media users including private households and organizations pay the Radio/TV fee.

The dispute how to execute the payments is now as old as time since the payments has been long considered as voluntary.  

Hence Broadcasting Council launched a media campaign to promote fair behavior. Post Office which officially collects all the payments got involved in the execution of the payments and it now tracks the payments of each users and sends out reminders.

Even if you pay a monthly fee to your cable or satellite TV provider you are not exempt from the public fee.


Satellite TV

Expats in Poland usually choose this option to watch their home country TV. You can choose out of 3 different providers.

Canal+ (Cyfra+)

  • The biggest satellite provider in Poland
  • Home cinema standard (language version option, 16:9)
  • Video-on-Demand, PVR (program recording)
  • Value added services as games
  • Offers up to 109 encoded TV and 15 radio channels
  • Exclusive TV channels available only on Cyfra+: ale kino! and all Canal+ stations

Cyfrowy Polsat

  • HD programs and Video-on-Demand
  • Offers up to 67 encoded TV plus radio channels
  • Exclusive TV channels available only on Cyfrowy Polsat: Polsat


  • The newest satellite TV provider
  • Video-on-Demand and HD
  • Offers up to 84 encoded TV channels
  • Exclusive TV channels available only on n: TVN HD, TVP HD, MGM HD, da Vinci, n Sport, eska TV, n Film HD etc.


Cable TV

Poland is the 3rd largest cable TV market in Europe. Thanks to dynamics of the market cable TV providers offers the widest range of channels and services. You can also combine it with telephone & internet. Almost of all them offer HD, Video-on-demand, PVR (recording), Multiroom function and they air all available coded channels incl. n-channels, TVN, Canal+, Polsat at the same time.

The 4 biggest providers are:

  • UPC (upc.pl)
  • Vectra (vectra.pl)
  • Multimedia Polska (multimedia.pl)
  • Aster City Cable (aster.pl)


Telephone & Internet

As mentioned before almost all cable TV providers offer also broad-band internet and telephone services.

The biggest telephone network provider former public telephone company TP (Telekomunikacja Polska) offers its internet service Neostrada up to 20 Mb. Neostrada provides also satellite internet.


Mobile Phone

There are 4 main mobile phone providers in Poland. They all offer pre-paid and monthly fees contracts.

  • Plus GSM (plus.pl)
  • Era (era.pl)
  • Orange (orange.pl)
  • Play (playmobile.pl)


Its very useful site for all,You may however, try to change your tariff i.e. if you are only home evenings, it is advisable you switch your electricity tariff to more expensive during the day and cheaper during the evening.I like it and really impressed by this site.