Regardless if you are looking for a cosy nearby cinema, a challenging studio movie theatre or a multiplex with the latest blockbusters, we have it all. Read our expat's cinema guide and find what fits you best. Check the current showings.

The good news for all expats is that all the films in the Polish cinemas are showed in the original language with Polish subtitles unless otherwise stated. In most cases children's movies though are dubbed, which is always clearly stated in the cinema program.

Srodmiescie Mokotow Zoliborz Praga
Kino.LAB Iluzjon Nove Kino Wisla Nove Kino Praha
Atlantic Cinema City Mokotow Muranow Cinema City Promenada
Femina Cinema City Sadyba Cinema City Arkadia  
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Since 1955 this cinema is airing classical movies and best of the best cinematography:

  • Most renown pieces of silent cinematography
  • Polish movies from before the war to the latest
  • European classics
  • Latest American films
  • Movies from Far East, Africa and Asia
  • Fims for children and youth (Little Illusion – Maly Iluzjon)

Tickets: 10-18PLN, half-year-ticket: 340PLN

     02-541 Warszawa (Mokotow)
     Narbutta 50 a
     Tel: 22 646 12 60

Cinema City Mokotow

Shows for today at the Cinema City Galeria Mokotow

A multiplex movie theatre located in the Galeria Mokotow shopping mall. Airs all the latest blockbusters.

Tickets: 16-25PLN, Friday from 5pm & weekend shows are 20% more expensive

     02-675 Warszawa Mokotow
     Wołoska 12C
     Tel: 22 456 65 02

Cinema City Sadyba

Shows for today at the Cinema City Sadyba.

A multiplex movie theatre located in the Galeria Sadyba Best Mall shopping mall. Airs all the latest blockbusters.

Tickets: 16-25PLN, Friday from 5pm & weekend shows are 20% more expensive

    02-903 Warszawa Mokotow
    Powsińska 31
    Tel: 22 550 33 33

Nove Kino Wisła

    Warszawa Zoliborz
    pl. Wilsona 2
    Tel: 22 839 23 65;


This cinema is part of the Contemporary Art Center located in the same building. The mission of the theatre is to present 20th century, worldwide achievements in the art of cinematography, emphasizing productions that are independent and of artistic and intellectual value. They organize exhibitions, discussion panels with many artists and lectures.

    Warszawa Śródmieście
    ul. Jazdów 2
    Tel: 22 628 12 71 ext.160


Its great central location in the middle of the city center at the pedestrian area makes the cinema popular amongst young people and students.

    Warszawa Śródmieście
    ul. Chmielna 33
    Tel: 22 827 08 94, 22 828 33 23

Tickets: 13-24PLN and 17-29PLN for 3D shows


    Warszawa Śródmieście
    al. Solidarności 115
    Tel: 22 654 45 45, 22 627 01 34,Warszawa/StronaGlowna

Tickets: 14-20PLN


The movie theatre is located in the middle of Warsaw in the building of Palace of Culture (PKiN). It's very popular amongst students and young professionals.

    Warszawa Śródmieście
    pl. Defilad 1 (PKiN)
    Tel: 22 551 70 70

Tickets: 13-22PLN


Muranow is specializing in airing European movies.

Tickets: 15-18PLN, Mondays 10PLN

This cinema has a great offers for families:

  • Saturdays 11:00 – Polish cartoons, Tickets 10PLN
  • Daily 12:00 – Mothers can watch the latest movies while their children are taken care of for free. Children not older than 6 years are entertained by specially organized babysitting club. Babies are allowed in with their mothers, as the sound is lowered not to disturb the babies. Tickets: 13 PLN, children – free of charge.

    Warszawa Zoliborz
    ul. Gen. Andersa 1
    Tel: 22 635 25 29  and 22 635 30 78

Cinema City Arkadia

Shows for today at Cinema City Arkadia

A multiplex movie theatre located in the Galeria Arkadia shopping mall. Airs all the latest blockbusters.

    00-175 Warszawa
    Al. Jana Pawła II 82
    Tel: 22 321 21 21


Art Center Cinema, Luna is a unique place on the cultural map of Warsaw, presenting ambitious Polish, European and international films. Luna organizes festivals and film screenings, concerts, meetings with artists and exhibitions. The first screening at Kino Luna was held in 1962.

Tickets: 10-18PLN, Mondays: 7PLN

    Warszawa Śródmieście
    ul. Marszałkowska 28
    Tel. 022 628 98 64/65; 022 621 78 28

Nove Kino Praha

It’s the first digital cinema in Poland. The design of the building hosting the movie theater is fully dedicated polish cinematography. The façade is crowned with reliefs looking like a movie projector reels with single scenes depicting Polish actors.

    Warszawa Praga
    ul. Jagiellońska 26
    Tel: 22 3430 310;

Cinema City Promenada

Showings for today at the Cinema City Promenada.

A multiplex movie theatre located in the Galeria Promenada shopping mall. Airs all the latest blockbusters.

    04-175 Warszawa Praga Poludnie
    Ostrobramska street 75C
    Tel: 22 611 75 11; 22 611 75 14


The cinema presents every Monday Polish movies in English. Check out the latest shows here.

    Warszawa Śródmieście
    ul. Jezuicka 4
    Tel: 22 826 16 47, 609 525 756

Tickets: 12-18PLN


Etnokino is a joint project of two foundations Studio in Warsaw and the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. Cinema was launched in July 2009 and since then it has aired the latest movies presenting different countries and cultures, as well as the most interesting documents, travel videos and classic cinema.

    Warszawa Śródmieście
    ul. Kredytowa 1
    Tel: 609 525 756

Tickets: 10-12PLN