Warsaw 1935

If you ever wondered how Warsaw looked like before II World War, you must watch the phenomenal 3D movie “Warsaw 1935”, featuring architecture and life the Polish capital in the 1930’s. The movie goes into theatres on March, 15 2013.

Warsaw 1935The works on the film lasted almost four year. Authors used old photographs of the city available from private people as well as the State Archives of the Capital City of Warsaw. They reconstructed digitally the architecture, cars, and life on the streets of Warsaw back in the 1930’s.

‘We always wanted to create something special’, the producer, Tomasz Gomala, said in the interview, ‘It is the first time in the history, that somebody digitally reconstructed destroyed Warsaw. It has been a wonderful adventure and a challenge. It cost us a lot of work and sacrifice, however, despite the many adversities.(…) Pre-war Warsaw was a great unique place and a witness of many historical vents. No one had ever made ​​such an effort, which certainly was an extra motivation for us to work on that movie’.

From March, 15th, the movie will be aired in the movie theatres across Poland.