Getting around Warsaw with a cab is usually much easier than by car, as you don't have to look for a parking spot and fight your way through in the traffic. As an expat in Warsaw, it's easy to fall for a rip-off. We explain the taxi system to avoid the problems.

TAXI vs. Przewoz osob (people's transportation)

You can recognize a registered cab by a TAXI sign, a displayed license number on the front door below the window and a price stickers on the rear door window. All drivers are obliged to hold their ID card visible to passengers.

While in Warsaw, there are also companies w/o taxi license, so called Przewoz osob. They usually offer lower prices, but note, the drivers are not licensed drivers, hence they often don't know all the streets in Warsaw and sometimes the trip can take longer than expected. These vehicles cannot be signes as Taxis.


The prices below are the maximum that are allowed to be charged by licensed taxi company.Przewoz osob can set the prices freely.

Usually taxi companies charge less than the below amounts i.e. up to 2,4PLN for Tariff 1

Starting fee - max 8 PLN

1h waiting – 40 PLN

Tariff 1: Base Fare - 3 PLN/km
Tariff 2: Night & Weekend Fare incl. public holidays - 4,50 PLN/km

Tariff 3: Suburbs Base Fare - 6 PLN/km (special blue signs Taxi 2 mark the border)
Tariff 4: Suburbs Night & Weekend Fare incl. public holidays - 7 PLN/km


Airport shuttle to the city center should not cost more than 50-60zl.


There are no surcharges for luggage, sports equipment nor for any additional passengers (normally up to 4 should fit).

Tipping a taxi driver is not common and also not expected.

In case of problems, you can always call City Guard (Straż Miejska) at 986 (+48 22 986 from a mobile phone).