Even within European Union driving rules can very different, at least some of them. We list specific Polish rules you should be aware of and inform you about the fine calclator.

Speed Limits in Poland

Driving Rule

  1. Driving with head lamps on all year round
  2. Alcohol tolerance is: 0,2‰
  3. Using mobile phone while driving is allowed only with a head-set or hands-free device
  4. Driver is responsible for his/her passengers to fasten seat belts
  5. Driver is obliged to carry with him driving license & vehicle documents (insurance, vehicle registration certificate and vehicle inspection sticker)
  6. Tinted windows are not allowed in the windscreen nor in the front doors
  7. Right hand drive vehicles cannot be registered in Poland
  8. Speed limits on different types of roads are listed in the picture below.

Driving Culture

Driving in Warsaw can be a real challenge. The driving culture is nothing like German or Scandinavian, closer in a way to Italian or Spanish. Be prepared for many agressive drivers trying to overtake from the right side, not following the speed limits and offensively taking your parking spot.

Unfortuantely it's also not so uncommon to hear horns all over and see drivers expressing their stress quite loudly through open windows.

Be careful especially as a pedestrain or a bike rider, as those although in theory should have the right of the way, usually are treated as disturbing participants of traffic.

Have a safe ride!

Fine Calculator

Most of driving misdemeanors are punished with a fiscal fine and/or points. The points are cumulative and cancelled after 12 months. Once 24 points (or 20 for young drivers who obtained their driving license less than 12 months ago) are reached, a driving license is suspended and a driver is required to complete a whole driving course again and pass the final exam.

150zl & 3 points – transporting a child without a child’s seat or without switching off the airbag in front, while using the front passenger seat for a baby seat

200zl – using mobile phone while driving (only hands free or headset is allowed)

300zl & 5-6points– not giving way to vehicles with right of way

350zl – accelerating while being taken over

350zl & 8 points – not stopping at pedestrian lines

500zl & 10 points – not stopping at pedestrian lines when one other car has stopped

Speeding tickets calculator

Up to 10km/h faster than allowed – 50zl & 1 point

11-20km/h faster than allowed – 50-100zl & 2 points

21-30km/h – 100-200zl & 4 points

31-40km/h – 200-300zl & 6 points

41-50km/h – 300-400zl & 8 points

Over 50km/h – 400-500zl & 10 points

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