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Warsaw expat's family on Education & International Schools in Warsaw. Our guide helps you find  appropriate school for your children: German, American, British, French system schools in Warsaw.

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Polish Education System

Children in Poland start their education with 6 in a pre-school, which is desgined as a preparation for school.

Primary school (szkola podstawowa) starts with 7 and last for 6 years. It is the year of birth that determines the age, so your child doesn’t necessarily need to be 7 to start school. The system is very strickt and it's rather uncommon to find children of different age in same grades.

The first school years I-III are taught through so called integrated education system lead by one teacher who adapts the pace and the time to children’s activity. There is no grades during this time.

IV-VI school years are divided into subjects taught by specialized teachers:

  • polish language including grammar, literature and writing
  • foreign language
  • maths
  • science
  • social history
  • music
  • arts and handcrafts
  • technical education
  • IT
  • sports

Primary school education ends with a final test prepared by the Polish Education Committee same for all schools.

Secondary school (gimnazjum)

This 3-years long school is divided into more detailed curriculum than the primary school. Science is now split into: physics with astronomy, biology, geography and chemistry. Social science is split into history and sociology.

The final exams taken after the 3. year is decisive for the further education.

Both during primary and secondary schools, parents decide about children’s attendance in religion classes or ethics

High school:

High school education prepares students either for a specific occupation or through 3 years school liceum to maturity exam (matura) which allows students to take up further education at various universities.


International Schools

Monnet International School

Kindergarden: ul. Górska 7, Warsaw (Mokotow)

Primary School: ul. Chełmska 23, Warsaw

Middle & High School: ul. Abramowskiego 4, Warsaw (Mokotow)

  • IB curriculum
  • bi-lingual school

International European School of Warsaw

ul. Wiertnicza 75, Warsaw (Mokotow)

  • Pre-school, School, High School

American School of Warsaw

ul. Warszawska 202, 05-520 Konstancin-Jeziorna

  • Nursery, Kindergarden, Pre-school, School, High School

International American School of Warsaw

ul. Dembego 18, 02-796 Warsaw (Ursynow-Kabaty)

  • IB accreditation

International School

ul. Jagielska 2, 02-886 Warsaw (Pre-school, School)

ul. Działkowa 34, 05-509 Józefosław (Pre-school)

    • Canadian curriculum
    • Bi-lingual programs: French, English, Polish

The British School

ul. Limanowskiego 15, 02-943 Warsaw (Mokotow)

Early Years: Ul. Dąbrowskiego 84, 02-571 Warsaw

    • IB accreditation
    • British curriculum
    • Pre-nursery, Nursery, Kindergarden, School


ul. Cicha 5, Warsaw (Powiśle)

ul. Karowa 14/16 appt 6, 2, LU 6a, Warsaw (Srodmiescie)

    • Nursery & Pre-school
    • Tri-lingual Program: English, Polish & Spanish or Chinese

Argonaut International School

ul. Radarowa 6, 02-137 Warsaw

    • Primary School, Middle School
    • Polish curriculum with extensive English, German and Spanish classes

German School & Kindergarden (Deutsche Schule und Kindergarten)
Willy-Brandt-Schule/Deutsche Schule Warschau

ul. Chłapowskiego 1, Warsaw (Mokotow)

School Grades 1-5
ul. Wandy Rutkiewicz 2, 02-956 Warsaw (Wilanów)

School Grades 6-12
ul. Kolegiacka 1A, 02-946 Warsaw (Wilanów)

French School & Kindergarde (Lycée français de Varsovie)

Kindergarden & Elementary School
ul. Konstancińska 13, 02-942 Warsaw (Sadyba)

Secondary School & High School
ul. Walecznych 4/6, 03-916 Warsaw (Saska Kepa)