Driving into city of Warsaw during rush hours seems like never-ending traffic. Knowing how and where to park can be sometimes the only solution to get where you need to on time.

There are a lot of road works around the center as well. As most of the Warsawians live outside of the center and in green belt areas, the traffic jams stretches also to the outskirts.InterConti Parking (fot. Expats Guide)

If you are able to take subway to the city you can make use of park&ride system.

Parking in the city can be quite a challenge since there are only a few multi-storey car parks. Many city hotels offer their protected parkings for the city visitors i.e. InterConti near Palac of Culture at the corner of Emilii Plater and Sliska street. (Wolny means free, Zajety - full)

It is common to park on the streets on the designated places. Don’t forget to buy the ticket though, as the guards are always there and you can get a fine quite quickly! Sometimes you can meet homeless people promising to "look after" your car while you are away for some 2zl tip. They are usually not agressive, so if you deny the bribe you will be as well off as after tipping them.

Parkomat (fot. Expats Guide)The parking machines accept cash and Warsaw City Card that you also use for public transportation.

Parking in the city center  from Mo-Fr  between 8am-6pm requires a payment fee. Well signed vendor machines, which are are located on the streets near the parking areas, accept cash and Warsaw City Card that you also use for public transportation. You can also pay via SMS.

Costs of parking:

1st hour - 3,00zł
2nd hour - 3,60zł
3rd hour - 4,20zł
4th and the next - 3,00zł

The inhabitants of the city zone are eligible to pay an annual fee of 30zł for the year of parking. While applying for the certificate you would be asked to name up to 8 nearest vendor machines in which proximity you will be entitled to free parking. You must present the following documents to obtain the certificate:

- Personnal ID or pass
- Car registration document (the car must be registered on your name, otherwise a rental contract in a form of a notarial act should be presented to the authorities)
- Registration document stating your address in the city zone


Public Offices where a certificate can be applied for:
Urząd Dzielnicy Ochota, Słupecka 9, office 3; Mo-Fr: 8am-4pm, tel. 022 823 93 19
Urząd Dzielnicy Śródmieście, Nowogrodzka 43, Mo: 8am-6pm, Tu-Fr: 8am-4pm, tel. 022 699 83 80
Zarząd Dróg Miejskich, Chmielna 120, room 1, Mo-Fr: 7.30am-5pm, tel. 022 55 08 204
Urząd Dzielnicy Mokotów, Rakowiecka 25/27, Mo: 8am-6pm, Wed&Fr: 8am-4pm,  tel. 022 565 16 65
Customer Service Office, Tamka 22/24 (corner Topiel)