Polish Pronounciation can be really tough especially if you don't pronounce rolling "rrrr" or are not used to lots of consonants next to each other. For some expats, Polish sounds as if people were arguing all the time, some others cannot believe that one can speak so quick.

Some basic vocabulary:

  • Good morning/Good Day – Dzien dobry
  • Goodbye – Do widzenia, pa (colloquial), czesc
  • Thank you – Dziekuje
  • Excuse me/Sorry – Przepraszam
  • Here you go – Prosze
  • I don’t speak Polish – Nie mowie po polsku
  • I don’t understand – Nie rozumiem

Getting around:

  • Street - Ulica (abr. ul.)
  • Avenue - Aleja (abr. al.)
  • Square - Plac


  • Take Away - Na wynos
  • Main Course - Danie glowne
  • Soups - Zupy
  • Starters - Przystawki
  • Desserts - Desery
  • Sandwiches - Kanapki

Shopping list (you can dowload printable file with even more useful words in the pdf attachment below):

  • poultry - drób                            milk - mleko
  • chicken - kurczak                       cream - smietana
  • turkey - indyk                            flour - maka
  • meat - mieso                             sugar - cukier
  • beef - wolowina                         noodles - makaron
  • pork - wieprzowina                     rice - ryz
  • veal - cielecina                           salt - sól



Polish language might seem completely incomprehensible, even for those foreigners who studied it for ages. It is not only because of many exceptions, but also as many young Poles create new words constantly and use metaphors. Neologism is very common practice in Poland! Let’s take one example:

  • Narazie = see you later
  • Narazie” is already a colloquial, however more common is “nara” or even “narka
  • Trzymaj sie” = take care, will be shortened to “trzym sie


Poles like to miniatures possibly everything. If you talk about a tinny-tiny chair, you will just take the noun and use diminutive, so:

  • Krzeslo = chair
  • Krzeselko = little chair
  • Krzeseleczko = even smaller chair
  • Krzeselenko = tinny-tiny chair


What is worse, the names can be minimized too:

  • Wojciech = traditional Slavic male’s name
  • Wojtek
  • Woteczek
  • Wojtus

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