Public Holidays

Poland has many public holidays, both free from work and not. Even if i.e. Fat Thursday is not a bank holiday, people do celebrate... even at work!

Public Holidays in 2010 (free from work)

January, 1. New Years
January, 6. Three Kings
April, 4. Easter Sunday
April, 5. Easter Monday
May, 1. National Holiday: Labour Day
May, 3. National Holiday: Day of signing the first Constitution of 1791.
May, 23. Pentecost Sunday – descent of the Holy Spirit
June, 3. Corpus Cristi
August, 15. Assumption of Mary
November, 1. All Saints’ Day
November, 11. National Independence Day (anniversary of regaining independence in 1918 after 123 years of partition)
December, 24. Christmas Eve (half day off)
December, 25. & 26. Christmas



Additional religious holidays:

Members of Evangelic-Reform Church, Evangelic-Augsburg, Evangelic-Methodist, Christians Baptist, Pentecost – Good Friday and Assention of Jesus

Lutherans – Reformation Day (October 31.) & Pentecosts – Whit Monday


Public Holidays Rules:

All Sundays are free days of work. Until 1972 working week consisted of 6 working days. Free Saturdays were implemented on occasional basis from 1972-74 and 1981.

Starting from 2001 working week is 40 hour with 5 days of work. Sunday is a compulsory free day and one another day, however employer can decide which other day that is. In most cases Saturday is chosen.

According to Polish Legislation all moveable feasts that happen on the free day of work (except for Sundays), are subject to a day off (8 hours of work). Employer can decide on the exact date.