90% of Polish population considers themselves Roman Catholic. You will find lots of historical catholic churches as well as newly build modern ones. Catholic religion is deeply rooted in the Polish history and tradition. Although the amount of people attending the Sunday mass is getting lower and lower, every Sunday there is still a couple of masses held in each and every Catholic Church. Most churches are full of believers - you would be astonished!

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It is quite common in Poland that people call themselves catholics but not practicing (wierzacy niepraktykujacy), which basically means you are a believer, but do not attend the church masses... or at least not every Sunday.

Caltholic Church in Poland is funded from donations across the country. You can see the donations are given during messes. In some historical churches you can find donations boxes for restructuring works.

There is also a strong group of Jews, Evangelists and Protestants. All different churches needs to be registered as a public church or public religious community. On the official Inner Ministry website you can find a list of officially registered religions in Poland.