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What are the Polish people all about? Where is the young society heading to? What are the Poles good at? Trying to answer all these questions, we have decided to launch a new series of articles about young creative Poles. 

Polish Fashion is our first focus. During Fashion Week straight after young designers competition "Zlota Nitka" we have met with Wiola Wolczynska-Brycko and interviewed her about creativity on the Polish streets.Dress 2010

ExpatsGuide: Wiola, congratulations on your recent achievements at “Złota Nitka” competition.

Wiola: Thank you! It was a bit of a challenge. I have presented my latest collection “Cossack” inspired by Ukrainian Cossacks heritage. I enjoy designing a little extravagant clothes. (foto below)

EG: How come you have become a fashion designer?

W.: It was a very natural move from my side. My whole family is involved in clothes making business. Already my grandfather worked in big textile corporations in Poland, my grandma was a tailor. After they got married they set up a company, which my parents have taken over after a while. The company grew and myself, already as a child, used to spend a lot of time in the workshop watching designers and tailors at work. The passion for fashion has in a way grew within me since then.

EG: That’s a lovely story! What is the fashion style you are designing?

W.: Currently I create two labels: Grey and White. The primary one is designed for open-minded women willing to wear outstanding clothes and those who follow ctting-edge trends in fashion. These collections feature decent colors and are all about form, structure of cuts and texture of a cloth.

Dress 2010The White Label on the contrary represents cocktail classic and elegance. It is thought to be a solution for women wanting to look suitable to every occasion and not necessarily following blindly the latest trends.

EG: Sounds like a collection for everybody! How do you feel about fashion in Poland? Do women follow the fashion here? What is your opinion about creativity on the polish fashion scene?

W.: I believe the majority is rather traditional. Poles prefer classic solutions over experimental clothing. I would say, creativity is still masked. I also have a feeling that most of our Polish designers is choosing to copy the western patterns, what they have already seen in London or Paris, rather than create something on their own and completely new. On the other hand, I am happy to see we start promoting our own “products”. I mean here Fashion Weeks that takes place in Lodz. There is a chance to talk about fashion, exchange ideas and motivate each other. I am positive about the future and I am deeply convinced fashion in Poland will bloom.

EG: Thank you so much for your time. All the best for your future career.

(collection Dresses 2010 fot: Angelina Stasiak & Andrzej Wenzel; model: Olga Karpinska/Mango Models;
collection Cossack 2010 fot: Justyna Dudek; model: Aga/Rebel Models)

Cossack 2010Cossack 2010Cossack 2010Cossack 2010Cossack 2010

Wioletta Wolczynska-Brycko has graduated from two universities gaining her masters both in business management and fashion design, participated in the workshops in London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. The recent competition “Złota Nitka” (Golden Thread) during Fashion Week in Lodz brought her two special awards from Creative Jury and Media Jury. Throughout her career she has worked with Fabryka Trzciny, where she produced fashion shows and cooperated with theatres designing costumes to plays i.e. “Jak chcesz kobiety, to ja porwij” (If you desire a woman, kidnap her) presented in Teatr Bajka in Warsaw. Wiola gets involved in fashion shooting sessions as a producer and a stylist. Her entire collection can be found on her official website:

Wiola's Profile

On my iPod… I don’t have an iPod
In my wardrobe… favourite jeans
Fashion accessories… purses
I get inspired by… everything. Pretty or ugly, doesn’t matter. Every person, thing, situation may become an object of my inspiration.
My dream is…

to conquer the world

Wiola Wolczynska