Electric Cars in Warsaw can charge up for free

The new energy fueling stations have been installed across Warsaw and allow drivers of plug-in electric vehicles to charge up for free.

Warsaw is a proud host to 10 fast charging energy fueling stations thanks to a cooperation with the energy company RWE. The new initiative is to promote electric mobility in order to have a cleaner and quieter city, as plug-in electric vehicles run silently and  emit less CO2 compared to normal fuel engines.

The new fueling station resembling Warsaw's "parkomats" can charge an electric engine of up to 22kW, which allows to fully recharge a car during less than an hour. All the stations are public and free of charge, since the costs are covered by RWE.

The fueling stations have been scattered across the city mostly in central Warsaw (see map below). The stations are as easy to use as any household electric socket. Charging of an electric vehicle can be stopped at any time and restarted again in another location.

The cooperation between RWE and the City of Warsaw is a pilot program to promote ecological living through clean public and private transportation. This current initiave is part of a bigger project "Sustainable Development of the Transport 2015", which includes the reduction of the CO2 emissions in the city, energy efficiency and climate protection.

Map of energy fueling stations in Warsaw

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