Have your pet chipped

City of Warsaw has begun a new initiative to support all pet owners in finding their lost animals. Until December 15th, 2011 every pet owner living in Warsaw may choose to have his/her pet chipped by implanting their animal a microchip tag linked to a national computer network for purpose of identification. Once the pet has been lost and found by local police, the chip can be read and the owner informed where to pick up the animal.

Every pet owner wanting to travel with the pet within European Union is obliged to have its pet chipped beforehand.

The chips are allergy free and of a microscopic size causing no harm to an animal. They are implanted on the neck of an animal.

Currently only dogs and cats are being chipped.

The only prerequisite to implant a chip is to:

-          Fill in a special form

-          Show owner’s photo-ID

-          Show a document confirming the ownership of the pet

-          In case of dogs, it is necessary to have a confirmation of a vaccination against rabies

The full lists of clinics conducting the chipping can be found below:

List of veterinary clinics.pdf111.33 KB