Museum of Modern Art

Warsaw Modern Art Museum - the one still missing on the art stage in Warsaw is under construction. The musuem is currently running at the temporary location at the Panska 3. Late 2015, the ew art venue is planned for opening.

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Basic Facts:

  • The future location of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw will be erected in front of the Palace of Culture and Science.
  • The building has been designed by the Swiss architect Christian Kerez, professor at the Federal Technical Institute in Zurich, whose project was chosen on the June 17th, 2010.
  • The building's gross floor area is approx. 35.000 square meters.
  • The construction is due to begin by summer 2012. Planned opening date is autumn 2015.
  • The buidling of the Musuem will house the TR theatre, the modern art venue.
  • The initial building cost was approx. 270Mio PLN (approx. 54Mio EUR) which is fully financed by the City of Warsaw.

The visualisation of the future Musuem of Modern Art in Warsaw from Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw on Vimeo.