National Stadium

Poland together with Ukraine is hosting the 2012 European Cup. All the major cities are preparing the infrustracture by building new or rejuvenating the existing stadiums. Warsaw as on of the hosting cities is reconstructing the old stadium into the brand new National Stadium.

The new stadium is located at the place of the ex-football stadium, which for the last decade wasn’t serving as a sport location any more. 10th Anniversary Stadium (Stadion Dziesieciolecia), as it was called, used to serve as the biggest bazaar ever found in Europe. City Hall used to fight a lot with a grey import there, hence the idea to utilize the space for the truly sport purpose. Its proximity to the city center played also an important role in choosing the localization. The National Stadium is just 10 min. away from the Nowy Swiat street. The 2nd metro line will also run via the Stadium and the current train station will also undergo major reconstructing works.

The rejuvenated area will host numerous car parks including the VIP car park, police, fire department and suppliers gates, new walking paths, fitness center, offices, VIP lounges, conference rooms, restaurants and commercial area.

As every modern stadium the roof is the most recognisable part of the whole design. TBased on the bicycle wheel principle, the construction comrises of steel lines spreading between the squeezed external ring resting on steel piles and a clamping spire located in the central point over the football field.
The roof coverage is made of a glass fibre membrane covered with Teflon and partially with 8-meter wide glass elements placed around the field. The open space over the football field can be covered with the mobile roof which ,ogether with the permanent roof, protects against rain or sun. 
The mobile roof is parked in the central point over the football field and supplements the central spire and the display boards located in the lower part of the spire. [courtesy of]

National Stadium Project (by NSC)The stadium should be ready be late spring 2011.

Facts & Figures

1 000 000 m3 of cubic capacity
204 000 m2 inside space of the stadium
55 000 places for fans
1765 parking places
965 lavatories
900 seats for media representatives
106 seats for disabled
5 hectars of the roof surface