New Warsaw Cards

Varsovians can now apply for new Warsaw Cards, which are available only to those who pay income taxes in the capital. The new system of coded information, public transportation tickets and many other features promotes people who contribute to the Warsaw's budget. Since only those will be entitled to discounts on public transportation.

City of Warsaw is preparing a big change in the public transportation system including increasing prices and changing of the current complicated ticketing structure.
From January onwards, the one-time tickets will disappear and will be replaced by one valid for 75-min. At the same time there is planned an increase of the long-term tickets such as: 30- and 90-days. Those who commute to Warsaw every day, but are not registered residents or don't pay income taxes in the capital, need to calculate over 10% increase in the prices.

Already now, all those entitled to the new city card, which is available in various designs, can apply for a personalized card. Also students and children up to 20 years of age can receive such a card.
Moreover, to support families in Warsaw, the City Hall has issued special tickets for families with 3 and more for very competitive prices.

The new cards can be applied on-line under or at the information office of ZTM.
Also foreigners, who don't have yet PESEL number can apply for such cards.
Those, who already possess a Warsaw Card of the old system, can apply for the holograph to be placed on the card.

This new strategy is thought to target the biggest financial problem the Warsaw city faces, where big portion of residents don't contribute to the city budget by paying local income taxes.