Polish Tax Return due on April 30th

As an expat residing in Poland, you are obliged to file a Polish tax return for your income until end of April. Personal Income Tax (PIT) declaration needs to be filled out and either sent to the Polish Tax Authorities by post (registered mail), through an electronic system e-PIT or handed out personally at the department of your local Tax Authority.

Depending on the source of your income you would need to fill out different forms. To name a few:
PIT-36 base tax form for employees
PIT-8C to declare the income from grants and scholarships
PIT-38 for income from capital gains
PIT-39 for income from property sale gains

Tax payers can deduct a donation as high as 1% of their tax, given to a public institution such as Red Cross, WFP etc.

By failing to file your tax return on time, the authorities may put a fine on you.

For all those who are not fluent in Polish Tax Law, a certified tax advisor may fill out and file on your behalf the Polish Tax Return.
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