Safer Warsaw

Main Statistics Bureau in Warsaw has published recent data on the criminality rate in the capital. Last year 2010 was safer  than a year before and more criminals act were brought to justice.

According to the survey published just a couple of days ago, the overall criminality has decreased since the previous year 2009. Although some area of Warsaw are becoming more dangerous where the burglaries and robberies were more common then a year before, some other districts have become much safer. All in all, Warsaw as a whole reported much less criminality.

Warsaw Criminal Acts 2010 vs 2009To the safest districts in Warsaw belong Wesola, Rembertow, Ursus and Zoliborz, while the most prone to criminality are still Srodmiescie registering 16% of all criminal acts in Warsaw, Praga Poludnie, Mokotow and Wola. The highest improvement was reported in Praga Polnoc, where number of criminal acts fell by nearly 22% and Wesola by over 14%, becoming by far the safest district in Warsaw.

The good news on the other hand is serious decrease in the low-breaking acts in the public areas such as airport, metro stations, railway stations, where the criminality rate fell by nearly 9%.

Warsaw Police is also happy to report their own achievement in detecting criminals. The rate is however still not overwhelming being set now for 48,0%.