UFO lands in Warsaw

On June 16th UFO lands in Warsaw. From July to end of August you can immerse yourself in the real UFO in Warsaw: the Unexpected Fountain Occupation at the Rozdroze Square.

On that day the building of the new fountain is starting.The installation is thought to be a new meeting point for summer including a fountain resembling UFO spaceship and cafes with beach-like feeling. Numerous artistic events has been already scheduled during the summer months to take place there.

The authors of the project, the French artistic group EXYZT has chosen the Rozdroze Square as it seems to be disappearing on the leisure map of Warsaw. As they put it: "Mostly people pass by the square heading towards to nearby parks [Lazienkowski or Ujazdowski Parks]. We would like to use potential of the square to create a lively venue on the artistc map of the city. UFO is there to remind all the Varsovians that left alone places in Warsaw have a new and unexpected potential".

The fountain will be working from the beginning of July to end of August.

View map where the UFO is being located.