Warsaw as business destination

Fortune Magazine's chosen best markets to be for corporations. Warsaw next to Melbourne, Salt Lake City, Vancouver & Stockholm and ten other cities has gained its honours to be on the list.

The famous Fortune Magazine has interviewed corporate executives to find out, which markets are the place to be at the moment. Among desicive factors the directors mentioned: skilled workforce, potential customers, real estate prices, age and prosperity of the locals. Only 2 European cities were put on the list: Warsaw  & Stockholm.

The capital of Poland has lots to offer, as the executives claim. Still low property and office rental prices coupled with high percentage of the population with higher education degree, place the city as a desired destination for corporations. Moreover, Warsaw's Gross National Income per Capita has risen over 50% for the last 5 years.That makes Warsaw not only a great place to manage your bueiness from, but also offer good customer base.

The geographical location has its importance as well. The advantage of being in the middle of Europe has its high value.

Intrestingly enough Warsaw is considered as a green city as well. Over 10% of its area is covered either by parks or nature preserves, making its downtown a world leader.

(Source: Fortune)