Warsaw for Entrepreneurs

Warsaw is the 3rd best European city for entrepreneurs as ranked by business people in the latest survey by ECER. Major metropolis has been scrutinized in five different aspects.

The study has been conducted for the 3rd time by an European Agency ECER trying to find the best place for new business environment. Frankfurt am Main is the overall leader followed by Swedish Malmoe. Warsaw has managed to win over cities like London, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna and Amsterdam.

Over 450 entrepreneurs were interviewed about their business satisfaction and quality of support their received from local governments in setting up their companies. Researchers has chosen 5 different aspects to determine how business friendly major cities are.

ECER Results (by ECER)

Promotion Ranking  (winner: Birmigham, Warsaw - 6th position) The interviewees were asked about the accessibility of information on entrepreneurship in forms of  congresses, conferences, workshops, Internet websites, brochures, communication, and media. The more data and events were available, the higher the ranking of the city.

Pre-creation Ranking (winner: Helsinki, Warsaw – 7th place) The key factor in this category was support in setting up a company, wealth of information available as Market research before creation of the activity, legal or accountancy advice and training sessions.

Post-creation Ranking  (winner: Malmo, Warsaw – 4th position) – further support during the first phase of the business start-up.

Financing Ranking (winner: Warsaw).  The Polish capital is the clear leader in offering business creators a wide portfolio of financial funds required for establishing a business. This very good performance is partly explained by the strong support provided by the European Union for Central European countries via the Structural Fund.

Environment Support (winner: Frankfurt, Warsaw 16th position) This category includes mainly  quality of transportation networks, presence of commercial property as well as housing . Warsaw has still a bit to work on when it comes to quality of the logistics.


Office spaces - rental prices guide:

25-28 dollar per sq m monthly (City Center)
14-18 dollar per sq m and monthly (Subarban)

19-22 dollar per sq m monthly

Shopping centres:                   
30-35 dollar per sq m monthly

Large anchor shop units:      
14-19 dollar per sq m monthly (City Center)
10-50 dollar per sq m monthly (elsewhere)

5-7 dollar per sq m monthly (modern shopping centres)