Warsaw has new metro carriages

Warsaw Metro has chosen new subway carriages. We show the pictures and describe the new features.

After careful consideration and evaluation of offers, the management of the Warsaw Metro has chosen the new carriages. 35 new trains will be delievered starting from  April 2012. The exchange of the old carriages will take place however until mid 2013. The new trains will run not only on the current line of metro but also on the newly build 2nd metro line connecting Praga district.

Inspiro, as the new carriages are called are produced by Siemens powered by BMW Group Designworks USA. Bright interior, attractive lighting and draught-free air conditioning are just some of the great features of the latest production. A lot of attention to envoirnment has been put while developing the carriages. They consume much less energy by optimizing weight, are produced with natural materials and special electrodynamic braking system reduces the so-famous metro noise. No wonder, the so environmental friendly Scandinavians already use the Inspiro trains in Oslo metro.

Comfort of the passangers has been brought to the highest priority and hence the new interior of the vehicles is brighter, comfortable and the doors are designed particularily wide. The carriages have also integrated displays that will entertain the passangers.

It’s almost a pity the Varsovians have wait quite a while to jump onto the new trains. However, as the Poles say: better later, then never, we are all happy to welcome the new purchase of the Warsaw Metro.

New Warsaw Metro at Pl. Wilsona stationInterior of the new Warsaw metro (fot. Siemens)










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