Cost of living

Expats moving to Warsaw usually wonder what are the costs of living in Warsaw. Thankfully Warsaw, is still less expensive than major ]cities like Paris, London, NYC. Nevertheless it is still not a cheap place to live as it used to be. It reached 30 most expensive cities in the world having higher cost of living than Berlin, Lisabon and Dubai.

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Rent Prices

Cost of livingThe rent prices varies depending on the location and standard of the property. Below we compare the expat's standards properties.

Wilanów & Konstancin belong to the most expensive districts. Usually expats choose to live in these areas.

  • 3-bedroom apartment: 1000-2000 EUR
  • Detached house (4-bedroom, 230-250m2): 2000-4000 EUR


  • 3-bedroom apartment: 1200-2500 EUR
  • Detached house (4-bedroom, 280-300m2): 1600-3500EUR


  • 3-bedroom apartment: 650-1400EUR
  • Detached house (4-bedroom, 360m2): 1800-2500EUR

Saska Kępa

  • 3-bedroom apartment: 750-1400EUR
  • Detached house (3-bedroom, 140m2): 1200-2500EUR

Eating-out: bars & restaurants

Eating out is in general cheaper compared to other Western European cities, with prices for the upper-middle restaurants vary between 10-15 EUR for a main course.

If you head just for a drink in a bar, you can expect prices to vary between 8PLN for a beer up to 50PLN for a cocktail. You might realise cocktails are rarly consumed in Poland, although mojitos are becoming more and more popular.


Grocery shopping might seem cheaper at first, however this is only when you compare the local products. All imported food articles and cosmetics are up to 30% more expensive than in Western Europe. As an expat in Warsaw, you will soon realise that purchasing your country favourites goods, will cost you much more.

Hence if you choose Polish products like cheese, ham, meat etc. you should expect the prices around 1,6-4,0 PLN per 100g., while the Swiss cheese and Spanish serrano is an expense of 10-25PLN per 100g.


The luxury goods i.e. jewelry, watches, antiques are far more expensive in Warsaw than in other European cities. It is true though there is hardly another city in Poland offering such a wide range of luxuries brands as Warsaw is. Read more on shopping in Warsaw.

You might realize that visiting another city around Warsaw: Lodz, Plock or Radom might be worthwhile if you fancy a big shopping adventure.  

Public Transportation

Travelling around Warsaw by tram, bus or subway is still quite inexpensive compared to other European metropolis. Students and pupils enjoy up to 50% discounts and if you plan to travel every day for a longer period of time, make sure your purchase long-term tickets (month, quarter and annual tickets are available).

For exact prices please see our article on public transportation in Warsaw.

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